House Lifting & Raising in Pinellas Park

House Lifting & Raising in Pinellas ParkYour crawl space or basement is too low? Do you feel like you’re constantly banging your head on the floor? A backyard extension is not appropriate if you want more space but do not want to use the backyard. Bored with paying hefty insurance fees for your flooring? Don’t move house lifting is the best thing.

You want more space

Building a second floor and lifting your home might be a better option than extending your home. A raised home can allow you to create a full basement from an existing crawl space or raise the basement ceiling. If you use the above methods and other methods, you can easily double the square footage of your home at the lowest cost. A finished basement or first floor can cost 60 – 70 percent less than adding the same amount of space in another way. Second, you’ll be able to keep your backyard if you raise your house rather than add an extension to it. Most city lots are too small to provide much outdoor space due to the size of residential lots. Increasing your house preserves your outdoor space.

Smarter than moving

It is important that your new home fits your lifestyle, even if you like your current home and neighborhood. You might be creating a room that can accommodate your growing family or you may just want to create a space your family can enjoy for years to come. It is also possible to hire a room and have it rented out to others. You could use rent money for renovations if you need money.

Flood Protection

There are many places where people live by water, whether it be freshwater zones that are prone to flooding, wetlands, or low-bank properties on the sound and ocean shorelines. It may be necessary in many of those instances to move the house or raise it out of high-water zones. We can assist you with a lift if your house has been flooded, so that you will not be flooded again, or if you are planning preventative measures to prevent flooding in the future. A house lift can also be used to mitigate climate change impacts such as sea level rise and increased flooding.

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